A better economy means using a better system.  With more than $13 trillion moving electronically every day through our economy, the U.S. government could apply a small tax on each transaction to create a Universal Basic Income for citizens, pay off the national debt, and put an end to our current income tax.


The problem with the current U.S. tax system is that it primarily taxes one source: income. The income of everyone in America represents only a third of 1 percent of all payments in the economy. Corporate payments are even less.

Social Safety Net

Creating a social safety net is about rewriting our broken welfare and social security systems. Instead of overpaying for these out of date systems, we could simply tax 2 cents on $10 of every transaction, and create a universal basic income with retirement benefits for every citizen. 


Healthcare in the U.S. averages about $10,000 per person, which is three times more than what other developed nations pay. Under a new financial operating system, the federal government would deposit a monthly cash benefit in a medical savings account for individuals who would choose to spend it on insurance or directly to less costly provider groups.


By adding a small tax on the flow of money- at two-tenths of one percent (0.2%), our country would generate enough revenue to let students attend college for free within limits, paying up to $10,000 per year to cover college tuition. By incentivising students to select efficiently priced institutions, there is less student debt, and college costs decrease for everyone. 

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Voices In Our Economy

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What a Payments Tax Would Do For You

Here’s a plan that supports consumers, American workers, senior citizens and the poor. Both Republicans and Democrats finally have a plan that works for all people.

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