High School rates appear to be increasing, but in reality, schools are mostly just allowing students to take online credit recovery courses that are incredibly easy to pass and allow students to graduate without content mastery. Stories have been popping up around the country from schools where administrators have been accused of inflating the numbers for graduation rates.

For instance, in Bradenton, Fla., “Several current and former school district administrators told state investigators that the interim superintendent directed them to falsely code high school dropouts as home school transfers.”

Elsewhere, in Washington, D.C., a poverty-stricken district saw a nearly 25%  increase in graduation rates between 2012 and 2017. But when auditors examined they district’s records, they determined that as many as one-third of the diplomas issued were granted improperly.

Source: The Economist

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Emma Dahl Comments

Rather than using technology to just funnel students through high school without actually teaching them, schools should consider using technology to teach students skills like coding that can be used to gain employment without attaining a four-year college degree.