Vocational schools may become better options as colleges become more expensive and student debt more burdensome.

Vo-ed schools teach a particular skillset, such as construction or building skills, Internet Technology, mechanic training, or barber or hair stylist, for example. Programs typically train students to go to work before a 4-year-degree student can expect to be working.

“Lively Tech in Tallahassee, Fla., is one of the biggest in the area and Director Shelly Bell says not only do students learn a trade, most students won’t leave with a lot of debt if any at all.  

“From 6 months to a year you can get the training you need to go out in the workforce and get a well paying career,” said Bell. “One of the neat things is they can leave here without tremendous amounts of debt.” 

Source: WTXL.com

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Emma Dahl Comments

In addition to college educations becoming more expensive, vocational schools also offer training that is vital to the economy. We have an overabundance of students with bachelor’s degrees that are unqualified for jobs, and it would be more fiscally responsible for them to pursue careers that are in higher demand and more reliable.