A better economy means using a better system.  With more than $5,000 trillion moving through our economy annually, the U.S. government could apply a small tax on each transaction to create a Universal Basic Income for citizens, pay off the national debt, and put an end to our current income tax.


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Voices In Our Economy

Is Amazon the new darling of Wall Street?

Wall Street may be more enamored with Amazon than Main Street. Amazon's stock growth -- like the retailer itself -- seems to know no bounds. Amazon is trading at $1,720, with the company's market value at $840 billion The stock is up by nearly 50 percent this year....

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Why growth of banks can be a drain on the economy

Can over-developed financial markets and banks hurt the economy? That's the theory of journalist and author Nicholas Shaxson, who argues that an over-developed financial sector can drain the resources from an economy rather than contribute to growth. Just like an...

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What We Do

Our mission is to guide solutions for the modern economy. The foundation seeks to educate, inform and engage Americans about the economy and alternatives to the income tax.  The foundation promotes citizen forums, policy initiatives and national conversations on the economy to educate people about the need to modernize our taxation system.

How We Do It

We give people the information they need about financial challenges and the economy to make effective choices and informed decisions. Through the Econ News Wire, national forums with expert panelists and books and articles, the foundation seeks to guide people to a better understanding of the economy. Specific topics of interest include taxation, banking reform, universal basic income, free college and free basic health care.

What a Payments Tax Would Do For You

Here’s a plan that supports consumers, American workers, senior citizens and the poor. Both Republicans and Democrats finally have a plan that works for all people.

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