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Is a Recession Coming?

Is a Recession Coming?

The 2008 financial crash devastated the U.S. economy. Unemployment reached 10%, bailouts cost taxpayers $700 billion, and slowed economic growth cost the U.S. $648 billion in income.  The detrimental effects of the ‘08 crash, which extended to 2010, have led to...

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The Impacts of A Government Shutdown Loom Large

  The federal government shutdown has significant implications for the US economy. Although short-term shutdowns have little impact, this shutdown is one of the longest in US history. US economy growth projections were already lower for the first quarter of 2019,...

The Truth About Basic Income

One of the main issues we face with UBI studies is modeling them to scale. The GiveDirectly study is interesting in that it's been able to track more accurately both what the long run, and macroeconomic impacts of such a study are. With technology's increasing role,...

Bear Market Sell-offs Promise Financial Sector Bumpy Ride

Because we've had such a sustained growth period, it seems like investors have forgotten that at some point the market has to cool down. Even though market indicators might suggest that a cooling period isn't coming for another year or so, once investors speculate...

Divided Congress may ensure economic stability, experts say

With the U.S. Senate in Republican control and the House under Democratic leadership, experts are saying that a divided U.S. Congress may have a moderating effect on the economy, ensuring that politicians hew to a middle ground in adopting policy changes. Reforms are...

Monopolies and the rise of fascism

In a Nov. 11 column in the New York Times, law professor Tim Wu examines the connection between economies dominated by monopolies and cartels and the rise of fascism. As a historical example, Mr. Wu, who specializes in anti-trust law, looks at pre-World War II Germany...

Does a financial transaction tax stand a chance?

The financial transaction tax may well be the wall flower of taxes, with so much promise in the area of tax reform yet ignored or passed over for decades by many policymakers, business leaders and economists. But all that may be about to change, as an FTT increasingly...

Is Amazon the new darling of Wall Street?

Wall Street may be more enamored with Amazon than Main Street. Amazon's stock growth -- like the retailer itself -- seems to know no bounds. Amazon is trading at $1,720, with the company's market value at $840 billion The stock is up by nearly 50 percent this year....

Why growth of banks can be a drain on the economy

Can over-developed financial markets and banks hurt the economy? That's the theory of journalist and author Nicholas Shaxson, who argues that an over-developed financial sector can drain the resources from an economy rather than contribute to growth. Just like an...

Exxon profits jump by 57%

Higher oil prices are reaping bigger profits for ExxonMobil, which reported Friday that profits jumped by 57% last quarter. The company is increasing production in the Permian Basin of Texas, the center of the shale boom, and benefiting from the recent rise in oil...

U.S. job growth makes new gains

WASHINGTON  - U.S. wages recorded their biggest annual increase in nearly a decade, as overall job growth made new gains in October, according to figures from the U.S. Labor Department. As the labor market tightens, there are expectations that the Federal Reserve will...

Capital spending slumps after tax cuts

The $1 trillion corporate tax cut is fizzling. Republicans pushed through the tax reform bill pledging it would free corporations to reinvest in their businesses and increase productivity. That has yet to materialize. Businesses were supposed to take the...

Brexit would hurt Europe’s major banks, watchdog warns

A British vote to leave the European Union would have a ripple effect across the banking industry in Europe, impacting major banks the most, a financial watchdog group is warning. Germany's largest banks would be hit the hardest, given their heavy exposure to London,...

GM offers buyouts after strong earnings report

DETROIT — General Motors Co. on Wednesday stepped up efforts to cut costs in response to tariff and market pressures, even as it reported a third-quarter profit that topped Wall Street expectations. The No. 1 U.S. automaker said it is offering...

Stocks Surge to Two-Week High

U.S. stocks rallied for a second day to close out one of the worst months of the bull market on an upbeat note. The dollar added to a 16-month high and Treasury yields jumped. The S&P 500 Index was on track for its biggest two-day surge since June, while the Dow...

Is a Recession Coming?

The 2008 financial crash devastated the U.S. economy. Unemployment reached 10%, bailouts cost taxpayers $700 billion, and slowed economic growth cost the U.S. $648 billion in income.  The detrimental effects of the ‘08 crash, which extended to 2010, have led to...

Larry Kudlow: The Economy Is Hot

Trump economic aide talks about the U.S. as a world economic leader Source: CNBC The U.S. economy is leading the rest of the world by returning to a basic approach of cutting taxes and letting businesses know that government is back on their side, top Trump economic...

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