About the Book

America’s economic problems can be summed up quite simply. We’re running a 21st-century economy on an outdated 19th-century operating system. The good news is that we’ve already done the hard part: we’ve built an incredible production engine with modern technology. Now we just need to upgrade our financial operating system to stoke the production engine we’ve built.

The upgrade described in this book would radically improve your wellbeing. Imagine, for example, how it would be if you could completely stop paying income taxes. Not one cent, ever again. What if that was the same for every citizen of America? And what if, despite none of us paying income taxes, the government could eliminate the deficit, offer a basic income for everybody, and provide free healthcare, higher education, and a guaranteed retirement for all? How might that change America’s outlook?

It’s a real possibility. This book explains the math and how such a fundamental shift would benefit everyone—rich and poor, employer and employee, liberal and conservative.


About the Author

Smith was an early pioneer of structured finance on Wall Street, helping to greatly reduce the cost of mortgages. Later, he helped architect the financing for Nelson Mandela’s Redevelopment Program, which provided low-cost housing for families throughout South Africa. He is a co-founder of two nationally acclaimed charter schools, as well as several cutting-edge technology companies. Smith has six children and lives with his wife in Colorado.

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